1148 North Side Road , North Side, Cayman Islands


1.  Exit the airport turning left onto Owen Roberts Road heading toward North Side and Eastern Districts via Bodden Town. Proceed about a mile.

2.  Turn left at the first "T" intersection onto Dorcy Drive.  Dorcy Drive turns into Crewe Road at a small circle. Remain left.

3.  Crewe Road runs parallel to the airport runway. Turn left at the intersection and remain on Crewe Road heading east towards Bodden Town. You will stay on Crewe Road for a few miles.

4.  Stay to the left on the roundabout at Grand Harbour Shopping Centre. 

5.  Stay to the right as the road forks and enter a roundabout taking the exit marked, East End Arterial Savannah.   You will now travel a few miles on open road and encounter a number of roundabouts. Always exit 180 degrees proceeding toward Savannah and Bodden Town.

6.  Upon coming to the end of East End Arterial at a "T" intersection, turn right onto Hirst Road toward Savannah.  The road ends in Savannah at the Countryside Shopping Centre. Countryside Shopping Centre has a large Foster's grocery store, Jacques Scott Liquors, health clinic and pharmacy. 

7.  Turn left onto Shamrock Road and continue driving for 11 miles.  Shamrock Road becomes Bodden Town Road. Drive through the district of Bodden Town.  You will see the landmark "Lighthouse Restaurant" at Breakers.

8.  Turn left onto Frank Sound Road heading toward Cayman Kai, Rum Point and North Side districts. (One mile past The Lighthouse Restaurant at Breakers).  

9.  Remain left when the road curves at the soccer field. Frank Sound Road becomes North Side Road.

10.  You will pass an elementary school on the left and the North Side Post Office on the right. Travel another 500 yards and you will pass a cemetery on the right, then Mahogany Point Villas. 

11. Calypso Blue will be on the right shortly after Mahogany Point.

20.4 Mi